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We have the latest technologies
About us
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We are IOD having more than 30 years experience in oil and gas services . Our mission,vision and core value commit us to the very best.

  • We are awesome  to work with
  • We have the latest technologies
  • The quality is our goal
  • Optimizing the resource is good


We are The Development


We believe that life is always in motion, and our motion should be in the development direction.



To provide our customers with excellent services and solutions through the most qualified people, premium equipment and world class safety & quality.

To create a positive working environment for IOD employees to achieve job satisfaction and
superior company growth & returns.



Customer focus

We value and respect our customers’ challenges and focus all our attention on finding the
optimum solutions to them. This is the culture of IOD. We always seek to deliver our customers the best service quality to exceed the extent of their expectations.


Our people are working in harmony as a one family. Respect, trust and support are in the core of our working environment and that’s why our people efforts are integrated to achieve our goals.


Sharing our knowledge and experience are the essence of IOD leadership style. It’s our
responsibility to make our people capable of doing their jobs and take proper actions based on deep understanding and knowledge.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a never-ending strive for uniqueness in everything we do. We seek to focus on enhancing the activities that generate the most value for our customers while removing as many waste activities as possible.